In order to improve the quality and speed of work, the warehouse for containers, crates, and perishable products has been renovated and expanded and now covers 18,85 thousand square metres. The warehouse is equipped with an automatic distribution line with a designed capacity of around 9 000 packages per hour. An increasing number of goods are being distributed automatically. It is now not only perishable products that are sorted, but also alcoholic beverages, fruit drinks, long-shelf-life groceries, some fruits, and vegetables. The automatic product distribution line has increased work efficiency and products are delivered to stores much faster.

The total area of the company’s RIVONA warehouses in Kėdainiai, Alytus, and Šilalė is about 100,000 square meters.

In Kėdainiai, the total area of warehouses is almost 80,000 square meters. The total designed capacity of the warehouses is close to 6,000 euro-pallets per day, and the designed storage capacity is about 48,000 euro-pallets. More than 15,000 types of goods are stored in the warehouses. The average number of employees in the entire warehouse complex and logistics centre is 320.



In 2012, a new Yard Management System was implemented. With its installation, suppliers and carriers register the arrival time of their transport in the warehouse in advance and are assigned a specific ramp at a designated time. The Yard Management System makes unloading operations much more efficient and allows carriers to plan their work schedule more accurately.

In 2021, a compactor for wastepaper, polythene film and PET waste was added to the warehouses, thus increasing work efficiency.

In 2022, a new vegetable packaging line was installed with processing equipment (potato brushing, onion peeling) and an automatic function for placing packages in transport containers (line capacity – 64 packages per minute, package weights 2 and 2.5 kg). Thanks to this line, dirt is removed from potatoes and excess onion peels are eliminated. The consumer is provided with higher quality products. The new line cost the Company about 1 million euros. In 2023, additional equipment was added to the packing line to fill vegetables into 10 kg packs.

In 2022, a solar power plant with a capacity of 1800 KW was installed on the roof of the warehouse buildings.


In 2022, a solar power plant with a capacity of 1800 KW was installed on the warehouse buildings.


In its work, RIVONA uses the latest technologies – radio frequency identification equipment RFID, warehouse management system, and state-of-the-art supply chain planning tools. The company constantly improves its warehouse management system, which results in a steady increase in employee productivity.

The Lithuanian Logistics Association (LLA) has selected RIVONA, UAB as the winner of the 2017 Logistics Achievement Award. LLA traditionally awards companies and projects that stand out for their uniqueness, innovation, and importance to Lithuania in terms of logistics. The award was given to the company for the launch of a 5.5-million-euro product sorting line in Kėdainiai. The company built a special 5,000 square meter warehouse where bread, dairy, meat, culinary, and confectionery products are automatically sorted and distributed to each NORFA store according to their needs.


The address of the Kėdainiai warehouse is:
Pramonės Str. 19
Kėdainiai, LT - 57241


E-mail: kedainiai.administratore@rivona.lt


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Lietuvos logistikos asociacija (LLA) išrinko UAB „Rivoną“ konkurso už pasiekimus logistikoje 2017 metais nugalėtoja. LLA kasmet tradiciškai apdovanoja įmones ir projektus, kurie išsiskiria savo unikalumu, yra inovatyvūs ir svarbūs Lietuvai logistikos prasme. Apdovanojimas įmonei skirtas už 5,5 mln. eurų kainavusios prekių rūšiavimo linijos Kėdainiuose paleidimą. Bendrovė pastatė specialų 5 tūkst. kv metrų sandėlį, kuriame automatiškai rūšiuojami ir paskirstomi duonos, pieno, mėsos, kulinarijos ir konditerijos gaminiai kiekvienam „Norfa“ prekybos centrui pagal poreikius.


Kėdainių sandėlių adresas:
Pramonės g. 19
Kėdainiai, LT - 57241


El. paštas: kedainiai.administratore@rivona.lt


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