About Us

RIVONA is a manufacturing, real estate rental, warehousing and logistics company established in 1993. The authorized capital of the company RIVONA amounts to EUR 5.22 million. The company employs more than 1100 people.


In 2023, the sales of goods and services of the company RIVONA, UAB totalled to EUR 685.064 million, exclusive of value added tax (VAT), an increase of 16.16% compared to 2021, when goods and services were sold for EUR 589.759 million. 


RIVONA belongs to the NORFA Group of companies and, together with the retail company NORFOS MAŽMENA, forms the core the Group.


RIVONA is located at 176 B Savanorių Ave., Vilnius.

Year of establishment


Authorized capital (€)

5,22 mln.




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The NORFA Group of companies includes private brands such as PIEMENĖLIO, RIVONA, PROHELFER, PIENO ROJUS, EFFA, GAR2, KOLUMBO, LOLO, ONEX, N. These brands are used to label the most in-demand products.