Real estate

At the moment, the Company RIVONA owns 76 shopping centers in different cities of Lithuania; as well as other commercial real estate leased by the Company to NORFOS MAŽMENA, UAB and other Lithuanian companies. General area of the real estate premises totals to 330 thousand sq. m., 75 thousand sq. m. of which is taken by manufacturing and administration premises of the building complex VINGIS. 

Within the range of the real estate property owned by the Company RIVONA, a special emphasize should be made on the supermarkets built in accordance with the new concept, where the increased focus is made on the functionality of the stores, aesthetically attractive design customized to every outlet. The most distinguishing are XXL shopping centers in Kaunas (Šiaurės ave.), in Klaipeda (Piorestočio str.), in Šiauliai (Pramonės g.), in Telšiai ( Gedimino str.) and Jonava (Žeimių str.) (app. 7 thousand sq. m. each), "HYPERNORFA" in Vilnius (Kalvarijų str.) - 9 thousand sq. m., the two Eifel’s in Mažeikiai and Ukmergė district (around 13 thousand sq. m. each), NBAZĖ in Vilnius (app. 23 thousand sq. m.), Brooklyn ( around 33 thousand sq. m.), and TILŽĖ, in Šiauliai (app. 32 thousand sq. m.).


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