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For Lithuanian market RIVONA, UAB supplies either Lithuanian or foreign products. The Company imports foodstuff and other commodities from almost the entire European Union, some countries of South America, also from India, China, Russia, etc.


The Company RIVONA is largest supplier of NORFOS MAŽMENA, UAB. Here, the sales amount to 90 percent of all sales of the Company RIVONA.

The range of products sold by RIVONA, UAB mostly consists of foodstuff, beverages and mass-consumption products.

RIVONA exports its products to Ireland, Great Britain, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Poland, Russia, the USA, Germany, Italy, Netherlands. 

The greatest share of the export belongs to foodstuff, tinned vegetables, marmalades, soups, ice cream and dairy products produced by RIVONA, UAB.

In 2020, the export of products totaled to LTL 2,334 milion EUR. 55,81 percent of the sales were made by tinned products Alytus Cannery, and 11,11 percent – by dairy products and ice cream.

The Company RIVONA UAB supplies a wide and constantly supplemented range of casings and spices to the meat processing industry. Considering individual requirements of our customers, marking and fluting of the casings is possible. Our offer contains polyamide, protein, fibre and flavoured casings used for cooked, smoked and dried meat products; moreover, the Company can supply natural porcine, bovine or ovine casings.

The Company RIVONA UAB can also provide with the mixtures of ingredients adding the texture, flavour, colour and other properties to the products for meat, fish, culinary and bread industries. RIVONA UAB supplies the following categories of spice and ingredient mixtures: spice mixtures, functional mixtures, dough raising (starting) cultures, marinades, food gelatine, animal proteins, vegetable fibres, coatings, flavour (and aroma) enhancers, food colourants, food additives, fake food moulds, curing agents, dietary fibres, preservatives, sweeteners, aromas, additives for bread and pastry products, spices for snacks (for production of fried bread, grissini sticks, pizzas, etc.).

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