The general area of the warehouses owned by the Company RIVONA is approximately 64 thousand sq. m. General projected capacity of the warehouses totals to around 6 thousand Euro pallets a day, and the projected capacity of the warehousing is around 48 000 of Euro pallets. Over 15 000 of product brands are store in the warehouses. The entire warehousing complex and logistics center employs approximately 450 people.

In order to improve the performance and business processes, the area of the warehouse for packages and perishable foodstuffs was increased by over 3 thousand sq. m. At the moment the total area of the reconstructed warehouse for packages and perishable foodstuff is 13.85 thousand sq. m.

The Company has installed the dock and yard management system. Upon its launch, the suppliers and carriers have to register in advance their time of arrival to the warehouse. Depending on the registered time of arrival they are given a separate ramp. With the installation of the dock and yard management system, the efficiency of unloading processes was increased. Moreover, the planning of the time for the carriers is simplified significantly now.   

In its business, RIVONA, UAB has applied the most advanced technologies, e.g. radio frequency identification system RFID, warehouse management system, and advanced supply planning instruments. The Company is regularly improving the warehouse management system, thus increasing the labor efficiency of the labor. 

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