The Company RIVONA, UAB owns tinned food, milk, and culinary production lines in Alytus and Kėdainiai cities.

The Cannery in Alytus produces fruit and vegetable nectars, juice, sauces, mustard, fruit jams and marmalades, vegetable soups, fruit and vegetable purees, substitute honey, snacks, herring garnishes, pickled salads, vegetables and champignons, - altogether around 90 sorts of products. In 2012, the Cannery was equipped with a new vegetable cleaning line enabling to speed up the vegetable cleaning process with compressed steam. In 2013, there was installed a modern, fully-automated industrial cooking pot made in Germany significantly accelerating the entire production process. In 2015, there was installed powerful vegetable cutting machine.
In 2016, the Alytus Cannery produced over 3 thousand tons of different products. In 2016 Alytus Cannery was installed a new fully automated vacuum cooking pot. Alytus Cannery employs approximately 40 employees. In 2016 Alytus Cannery plant's had turnover of 3,072 EUR excluding value added tax (VAT).

Alytus Dairy, the manufacturing unit of the Company RIVONA, produces yoghurts, sour cream, milk, kefir, butter, curds and cheese curds, - altogether around 60 sorts of various dairy products. In 2014, the Company made the investment of LTL 1 million (289 thousand EUR) for the renovation of the existing equipment and acquisition of the new one. In 2016, the turnover of the Alytus Dairy totaled up to LTL 14,36 million EUR exclusive of the Value Added Tax. The Dairy produced 18,2 thousand tons of products. In average, it employs about 68 people. In 2013, it launched a new ice-cream unit producing 25 different sorts of ice-cream. During 2016 year, the unit produced 6,8 million portions of ice-cream. The greatest part of its products the Dairy supplies to NORFA commercial network.

Alytus Cannery and Alytus Dairy supply their products not only for the Lithuanian market. Their produce can be found in Ireland, Belorussia, Great Britain, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Russia, USA, Czech Republic and Netherlands.

In 2016 JSC Rivona purchased lithuanian meat processing company.  This unit slaughters about 12 000 pigs and 160 bulls, also cuts about 130 tons of raw flesh on average per month. In addition, they also produce more than 50 varieties of products such as marinated, dried/cured, hot and cold smoked produce (sausages, wieners, rolls, ham, meat flitch). Unit monthly produces about 110 tons of products.
In 2017 it is planned to increase meat production range. Packaging line has been allready updated and it is intended to buy a new product cutting equipment. Meat processing unit employs 92 employees. Manufactured products is realized exclusively in "Norfa" trading system.

Kedainiai culinary Unit and 15 shops  produced vegetables, fish, meat and flour products: salads, snacks, chutneys, pastry - approximately 120 sorts of products. The Unit is also supply to the market fish. In 2016, it produced 1,45 thousand tons of products and also supplied about 768 tons of fish. Main culinary Unit Kedainiai employs around 75 employees and  shops - have about 60 employees.

The Culinary Unit has implemented the hygiene requirements of the European Union legislation regarding the products of animal origin, and has been granted a certificate of the State Food and Veterinary Service enabling it to supply its meat products and pre-cooked meat foodstuff not only within the commercial network of NORFA, but in other outlets in Lithuania and European Union states as well.

In 2010, the Company RIVONA, UAB was awarded by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania with the Certificate of Appreciation for being able to create new work-places in the areas with the highest unemployment rates in 2010 (in Alytus).

Alytus canning plant and Alytus dairy address:
Putinų st. 33,
Alytus, LT - 62175

Kėdainiai culinary address:
Pramonės st. 15
Kėdainiai, LT - 57241

Savanorių pr. 176, LT-03154 Vilnius 
Tel. +(370) 5 2331181
Fax. +(370) 5 2331182